Picture Heavy Post

I finally got my computer to show me where to find the pictures on the SD card, so I have some pictures to show off!


This is the finished hat of the blue and red yarn I had earlier.  I still have tons left, so I am planning on making more, probably more red heavy this time.  I’m super happy with this one.  It was made in the Violet Waffles pattern on Ravelry.  Once I can get the links working, I’ll link it.


This is the Hermione Hearts Ron (ooh it hurts to write that, I’m not a Hermione/Ron fan *ducks flames*) pattern on Ravelry in a yarn that I forget.  This is a fun pattern, and probably my fifteenth or sixteenth hat in this pattern.  Ususally I use Fresco, but I tried something new, and I think it worked out well.


This is the beginning of the next hat I finished.  I don’t yet have pictures, but I did finish it last night.  I love the “pooling” that the yarn creates on the hat, and I’m sure that the recipient will love it as well.  Yay!


This is how much I had leftover from the socks, but I managed to finish the hat with only a few only a few yards left.  I’ll get pictures when I take pictures of the finished hat.


I went out to my LYS to pick up more of the What the Foqua? yarn just in case.  I ended up not needing it, but when I was almost done winding it, I found a cut piece.  While I was there, I ended up picking up more skeins.


These are Lucky and Cattywampus.  I love both of them, and I haven’t even knit them up yet.  I did wind up Cattywampus, but not Lucky yet.  Greens and blues are my favorite, so Lucky is something I am looking forward to knitting.

DSC_0905 DSC_0906


This is Biscotte & Cie Felix Self-Striping socks.  I love this.  This sock is wonderful.  I’m working on the second right now.  The only issue I have with these socks is that the red is a bit overwhelming, the orange is lost and the yellow isn’t quite yellow enough, which you can’t tell here very well.  The blue and green need to be a bit longer, but I was beside myself when the heel flap took just enough to make the first joined row the purple, which was the next color in the row.  The one I’m currently working on the same thing happened, but it was a blue row, because I didn’t start in the same place on the skein, which I am totally okay with.  I actually like my socks mismatched.  Saves me from SSS!  (Second Sock Syndrome, for those who don’t know.  It’s when you make one and then loose steam on the second.  It happens sometime in sewing too.)  These socks are still a bit too short for me, so I’ll probably keep them around for my Christmas pile for my mother.  I’m going to be making more for me, but I think my mother would be over the moon about these.

Next time:  A finished hat, maybe two rainbow socks, maybe the start of a new hat, and maybe some casting on of new socks.  Also, I may get my sewing room cleaned enough for some new sewing projects!  I have some fabric that I am dying to use!  Ambitious, I know, but I have high hopes for this year.

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