Exciting Mother’s Day

We had a late mother’s day with my mom and my bf’s mother.  I gave my mom the rainbow socks that I finished on Monday.  I also started two new pairs of socks.  Both are from my LYS Socks That Rock.  One is in the Lucky colorway and the other was the Cattywampus.  One of the Cattywampus is done, but I just have a few inches on the Lucky.  No pictures yet though.  I do have pictures though!

First is the Foqua hat:

DSC_0908 DSC_0910 DSC_0911

I love the circular pooling, and S will LOVE these colors.  This hat makes me so happy.  I ended up with only a few yards left.  I have a picture of how much I had left:


Isn’t that crazy?  I did purchase a new skein, just in case I didn’t finish, but I was really hoping to not have to use it, and I didn’t have to!  Yay!


These are the hats that I sent off for S.  She’s shaved her head and I hope that these help.  They are knit loosely, so that hopefully they don’t keep too much heat in for the summer, but do protect her head.

DSC_0926 DSC_0927


These are the socks that I gave to my mother.  I love them so much.  I just wish they fit me more.  I have plenty left over because I make short socks.  When I buy socks from the store, I buy short socks.  I hate the feeling of socks between short socks and knee-high socks.  I have little patience for long stretches of stockinette, unless the yarn is super fun looking like these, so knee-highs are mostly out.  Which means short socks.

Back with Lucky socks and Cattywampus socks soon!  And potentially an Owl hat.

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