Next Big Project

There was a cosplay convention recently nearby that I didn’t go to, but I did go people watching at.  I love the costumes and I especially love it when I can see the detail and skill that goes into a costume.  I want to have my own.  I am giving myself six months to plan, gather materials and construct a costume for myself.  I am on a small budget, especially given how much I’ve been spending on yarn recently, so this is going to be “costume on a budget” year.  My soft deadline is Halloween, but I’ve decided that if it isn’t done then, no big deal.  I want to do something extensive, but not too extreme.  Also, I want to try new techniques.  I know how to sew and knit, but there are other skills I want to expand on.  I’d love to incorporate an electrical component of some sort.  I’m going to continue my knitting, but on my days off of work, I’ll most likely be working on a costume.

So my checklist is:

1. Find a costume to make

2. Figure out how to make it cheaply, or which components I need to save for

3. Figure out the time management (set a schedule)

4. Lean new skills

5. Post pretty pictures

I think I can do it.  Any ideas on costumes?  

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