I just broke in and got a pinterest account.  I kind of hate myself for it, but most of the beautiful pictures that I’m looking at are linking back there, and I might as well.  I still don’t have a Twitter, so I haven’t totally given in yet.  Honestly, I hate most of this “social networking” stuff nowadays.  I have a blog to collect my thoughts and keep track of my crafts and other such progress.  Plus, I have a hard time finding blogs that really keep track of progress and show details, and I want to have a resource out there for others like me who want detail shots.  I do have a Facebook, but I can’t even remember the last time I was on it.  I’m only mid-twenties, but I remember before this networking, and I don’t really like what it’s doing to people.  But things like certain blogs and some other things are helpful.  I don’t know, maybe I’m being sort of hypocritical complaining about social networking through a social network, but that’s the way it is.

Anyway, if the Yarn Harlot hadn’t thought of it first, I might be a Craft Harlot.  I’ve started on my Christmas Crafting, This means that my 1880’s outfit has kind of gone on the wayside (but not too much).  I added a new page up top with all the places that have helped me with my historical sewing, but I think I’m going to add one with my Christmas Crafting Progress.  None of my family knows about this, so I’m hoping if anyone actually finds this they will want to be surprised instead of looking.  But then again, I don’t think anyone in my family will accidentally stumble upon this blog, as I am the only one interested in historical sewing, Doctor Who and knitting.  My mom is a crocheter and does needlework, but she is computer illiterate, so she wont find it.   

I only have two project now.  A needlepoint for my mom about Dogs, and a shawl for my bf’s aunt who I picked out of the hat.  

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