Spring Cleaning and Allergy Season!

As allergy season comes along with all the subtlety of a charging bull, I am cleaning and organizing my “crafting” room.  As I am a multi-crafter, flitting about wherever the fancy takes me, I have a lot of stuff to organize.  I have a couple binders of knitting patterns, a bin of sewing patterns, some crocheting patterns, more embroidery patterns than I will ever finish in my lifetime, plus random bits of drawing materials.  I just finished going through all of my sewing patterns and digitally organizing them for easy access.  I need to get a better storage area, but for now they are stuck in a bin.  Tomorrow I plan on going through my knit patterns and organizing them as well.

I also swung by my yarn store today and picked up 15 skeins of Quince & Co. I got two skeins with white mohair, and six dark blue finch, six grey finch, and one dark green finch.  This may be the last time for a while I can purchase yarn, so I’m stocking up.  Cause that makes sense….

I’ve also decided that I’m taking part in the Foundations Revealed competition.  I’m trying for Theme 1: Black and White.  And because I am crazy, I’m going to try and draft a period pattern from a patent.  This one.  Luckily a lot of the instructions are on the FR website, courtesy of a Miss Sandra Stuart.  I’ve dabbled in corsetry before, but never gotten past the fitting of the muslin.  I honestly think it is because I tried too simple of a pattern…..  My first tries in crafting tend to be the equivalent of jumping out of an airplane, I like to challenge myself.  Or else I get bored.  My first sweater had cabling and lace detail, on size US 4 needles, and my first lace shawl was the most complex thing I could find on Ravelry.  Once I know I can do something crazy and insane, I tend to dial it back for future projects, because I am confident in everything I do.

So as soon as Spring cleaning is done, I shall get started on a new project.  Let’s see how that goes, huh?

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