Practicality and Wool

So I decided to take part in this year’s Historical Monthly Challenge, hosted by the ever lovely Dreamstress and her band of merry (wo)men.  So far I have hit a few snags, the first being not remembering to check it until finals were scarily approaching.  As such, I decided to take part in the May challenge of Practicality.  I have cut and mostly sewn a lovely chemise, because what else is one of the most practical of garments?

Here is snag number two: Our A/C is out.  Not too horrible, but in the 80+ degree Fahrenheit weather plus ridiculous humidity, I just cannot bring myself to turn on my iron, and an unpressed garment is something I am not willing to try and finagle my way out of.  I had the repairmen over today, and while they fixed (replaced) my ancient thermostat, a piece is broken and I have to wait for the property manager to OK it before they can repair it.  *sarcasm* Yay!

Knitting, however, is something I will always do and although I mostly use wool, it really hasn’t been too bad (lack of air conditioning not withstanding).  As a result, and the time I have between making my apartment look semi-decent for the ac guys and the 5 week condensed online course I am taking, I am almost done with my Snowflake sweater.

I’m about to pass out with the heat coming off of the computer, so cross your fingers for me to get the A/C fixed this week!

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