Picture Heavy Post

I finally got my computer to show me where to find the pictures on the SD card, so I have some pictures to show off!


This is the finished hat of the blue and red yarn I had earlier.  I still have tons left, so I am planning on making more, probably more red heavy this time.  I’m super happy with this one.  It was made in the Violet Waffles pattern on Ravelry.  Once I can get the links working, I’ll link it.


This is the Hermione Hearts Ron (ooh it hurts to write that, I’m not a Hermione/Ron fan *ducks flames*) pattern on Ravelry in a yarn that I forget.  This is a fun pattern, and probably my fifteenth or sixteenth hat in this pattern.  Ususally I use Fresco, but I tried something new, and I think it worked out well.


This is the beginning of the next hat I finished.  I don’t yet have pictures, but I did finish it last night.  I love the “pooling” that the yarn creates on the hat, and I’m sure that the recipient will love it as well.  Yay!


This is how much I had leftover from the socks, but I managed to finish the hat with only a few only a few yards left.  I’ll get pictures when I take pictures of the finished hat.


I went out to my LYS to pick up more of the What the Foqua? yarn just in case.  I ended up not needing it, but when I was almost done winding it, I found a cut piece.  While I was there, I ended up picking up more skeins.


These are Lucky and Cattywampus.  I love both of them, and I haven’t even knit them up yet.  I did wind up Cattywampus, but not Lucky yet.  Greens and blues are my favorite, so Lucky is something I am looking forward to knitting.

DSC_0905 DSC_0906


This is Biscotte & Cie Felix Self-Striping socks.  I love this.  This sock is wonderful.  I’m working on the second right now.  The only issue I have with these socks is that the red is a bit overwhelming, the orange is lost and the yellow isn’t quite yellow enough, which you can’t tell here very well.  The blue and green need to be a bit longer, but I was beside myself when the heel flap took just enough to make the first joined row the purple, which was the next color in the row.  The one I’m currently working on the same thing happened, but it was a blue row, because I didn’t start in the same place on the skein, which I am totally okay with.  I actually like my socks mismatched.  Saves me from SSS!  (Second Sock Syndrome, for those who don’t know.  It’s when you make one and then loose steam on the second.  It happens sometime in sewing too.)  These socks are still a bit too short for me, so I’ll probably keep them around for my Christmas pile for my mother.  I’m going to be making more for me, but I think my mother would be over the moon about these.

Next time:  A finished hat, maybe two rainbow socks, maybe the start of a new hat, and maybe some casting on of new socks.  Also, I may get my sewing room cleaned enough for some new sewing projects!  I have some fabric that I am dying to use!  Ambitious, I know, but I have high hopes for this year.


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I have a new goal.  I think I can do it.  I want to post at least three posts a month.  Starting this month, May, I shall be posting three posts a month.  I’m hoping having a goal will get me in the habit of actually posting my projects.

I am currently deep cleaning my apartment, mostly because in the space of a few months, two windows have broken in a bad storm, our A/C has broken, and our garbage disposal has gone kaput.  In order to have repair men over, my boyfriend has insisted (with good reason) that we clean our place.  So that has taken up a lot of my time.

However, I have been busy.  I have finished a pair of socks.  Sorry, they went to a friend who lives in NYC, so I have no pictures.  I also have finished two hats and a sock.

Unfortunately, I cant seem to figure out how to get things off of my SD card onto my computer.  I got a “new” computer and it’s currently running Linux, and I don’t quite know how to work it yet.   So I’ll try to figure it out this weekend, and maybe I’ll get pictures by Tuesday.

See you later!

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May 9, 2014 · 8:42 pm

Once again

I am out once again, so pictures are going to be semi-crappy, as I am once again on my phone.

I did get a bit done last night on my socks.


I have come home since I started this post, but I can’t find my good camera, I think I packed it away, so still crappy cell picture, sorry.


I’m about to turn the heel, maybe an inch left to go.  I also have another hat that I’m working on.  This one is going to a friend with cancer. She loves bright colors and my lighting is bad, but this is a vibrant blue and red that I’m striping for her.


I probably won’t post tomorrow, as I work, but I’ll update on the socks soon.

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And I’m already late


My current project

I’ve been to my LYS three times this week so far, and have accumulated an impressive amount of needles and yarn. Sorry for the crappy photo, but I am at Starbucks on my phone about to head to work.

This week, I picked up ten skeins of Quince Finch, and five skeins of sock yarn, half of which is bound for hats the other bound for socks in the Harlot’s Basic Sock Recipe.  Since the hat (striped with multiple skeins) is a little too wieldy for work, these two are following me to my Hostessing job. One Socks That Rock, and one that I don’t quite remember, but is a quite beautiful rainbow that (again) my phone didn’t quite capture correctly.

Maybe better pictures tomorrow.  Maybe….

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Getting Back Into It

I had a rough year and a half.  Shortly after my last post, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and then she and my grandfather passed away within two months of each other at the beginning of this year.  My dad’s roommate was also diagnosed with breast cancer, and I’m on a hat mission currently to help her through the treatment.

I am going to be getting back into the posting.  Needless to say, that nothing I said I was going to do has been done.  I got more into my knitting though (more portable), and do have a few FOs from that.  I’ll start posting about my projects more.

I’ll start posting pictures tomorrow, hopefully.  I am determined to make this blog work!  🙂

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Weekend Vacation

So this weekend was my boyfriend’s birthday.  Because of that, we took the weekend off and went hiking.  My plan to catch up with what I was doing went straight out the window.  Oops.  I did get some great pictures though:

A bee.  My boyfriend’s index finger for size reference.

I also saw a bunch of cool frogs:

And there were these cool birds everywhere!

So today I finally got cracking.  I put aside my corset.  The boning hasn’t arrived yet, and according to the USPS tracking number, it suddenly went from being ten miles away this morning to being in Kansas.  Wonderful.  So I decided to work on the square-necked chemise on page 90 of Fashions of the Gilded Age, Volume 1: Undergarments, Bodices, Skirts, Overskirts, Polonaises, and Day Dresses 1877-1882.  I went out to the local Jo-Ann’s and got lots of trimming.  Since they didn’t have the color I wanted, I got Rit Dye Liquid 8 Oz. Dye: Aquamarine.  I’m currently dying the white trimming I got to add a pop of color to the white muslin fabric I’m using for the chemise.

I drafted the pattern onto some paper

This is the muslin cut out and sewn up the sides

The finished side seams

Eyelet lace for the top

A four gallon trash can for dying

I filled it halfway up. Look at that steam!

I grabbed a knitting needle with a lost pair to stir the trimming

The color is beautiful, I just hope it sticks


The small knitting needle felt flimsy, so I grabbed a size 15. I never use my 15’s, so they just sit there. Now he’s got an important job!

I have to pull it out in ten minutes.  The top trimming is a surprise for tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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Corset Progress

As a short reminder I am currently on a countdown until Halloween and working out of Frances Grimble’s book,Fashions of the Gilded Age, Volume 1: Undergarments, Bodices, Skirts, Overskirts, Polonaises, and Day Dresses 1877-1882.  I have currently 48 days to complete an outfit for Halloween, or I have to wear one of the ‘cheap’ store outfits that are expensive for cheap materials.  (I’m a bit disappointed with the quality of them, if you can’t tell,) So if I don’t want that to happen, I have to get cracking.

Yesterday I had a half day because of some commitments I didn’t know about, so I only worked until about noon.  That means that I didn’t get as much done as I hoped, but I plan on making up that time soon.  I had most of the half done on Tuesday, but had to redo a bunch of seams.

This is the pattern I drafted:  

Out of this pattern I have finished the right side of my corset, except for some of the boning which I measured for and ordered yesterday.

I previously stated that I sew slowly, this is proof.  This is all I did in seven hours.  I put in the boning and eyelets on the back piece.

I sewed the seams to each other so the sides would line up really nicely.  The middle I folded over the seam allowance on the back side and placed it over the front and sewed up the side seam.

The boning channels I eyeballed and had to rip out quite a few times.  It took all of yesterday’s three hours to sew up five boning channels.  Today I plan on sewing up the other side.  Hopefully by tomorrow I can finish this corset and have it sitting waiting for me to put in boning when it comes.  I did forget to buy laces, but I think I can find something to use in the meantime.

Wish me luck!

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